CS Lite

CS Lite Firefox Add-On 1.4

Powerful cookie controller for Firefox


  • Gives you full control over cookies
  • Updated blocklist
  • Discreet and easy to use


  • Blocklist doesn't automatically update

Very good

CS Lite is a powerful Firefox extension that allows you to easily control cookie permissions from the statusbar.

CS Lite is a stripped down version of CookieSafe and while being less powerful, its much more user friendly. CS Lite works as a Firefox toolbar button or in the context menu. Just click on the icon to allow, block, or temporarily allow the site to set cookies.

You can also view, clear or edit the cookies and exceptions by right clicking on the CS Lite icon. If you want to be ultra careful, you can choose to deny cookies globally and then enable them on a per site basis.

Alternatively, you can download a blocklist that contains a list of untrusted sites that you can that you can import into Firefox. Cookies will automatically be blocked on such sites in the future. This blocklist used to be automatically updated but is not any longer but you can choose to update it manually.

CS Lite is a superb cookie blocking extension for Firefox that ensures you take control of the cookies placed on your hard drive.

CS Lite


CS Lite Firefox Add-On 1.4

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